Mục tiêu phát triển bền vững là gì?

It is the common name for the Sustainable Development Goals , which are international goals adopted at the UN Summit in 2015 and targeted to achieve 2016 to 2030. It consists of 17 goals for realizing a sustainable world, including "Building a Foundation for Industry and Technological Innovation" and "Creating a community where people can continue to live".

Contribution to SDGs for Materiality: Primary social issues

DENSO has selected primary social issues among various ones and defined them as "Materiality". Through our business activities, we are contributing to the achievement of the international goal of achieving the SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals-by addressing selected issues related to "Environment" "safety" and "corporate foundation".

Commitment to the Environment


Contribute to an eco-friendly and sustainable society by reducing environmental burden and realizing highly efficient mobility

Provide technologies to prevent global warming and solve issues related to energy and resources,thereby contributing to the sustainabillity of the global environment

Continue to be a company that grows together with society as well as complying with laws and regulations

Contribute to a society that shares the wisdom and blessings of nature through corporate activities that aim for a peaceful coexistence with nature

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Commitment to Peace of Mind


Provide safe and secure products that are of high quality to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers

Contribute to a society where people can have peace of mind by eliminating traffic accidents and providing flexible and comfortable movement for all

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Corporate Foundation Initiatives no.1


Ensure that each employee acts in a fair,honest,and ethical manner while complying with laws and regu-lations in each ry and region

Provide safe and reliable products to customers,protect information assets,and prepare for cyber security risks that the "connected society"faces

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Corporate Foundation Initiatives No.2


Promote the development of "people," "organiza-tions," and "the working environment" to encourage our employees to maximize their abilities and work with enthusiasm and peace of mind

Respect the human rights of all our stakeholders, including our employees and people throughout our supply chain, in our business activities

Pursue business activities that take into ac environmental issues, human rights issues, and compliance together with our suppliers