Corporate Philosophy

Upholding our corporate philosophy and embodying the DENSO Spirit-values and beliefs shared by all DENSO Group employees-we will strive to remain a company that is trusted and expected by people around the world.

Original mission statement

  • To be trustworthy and responsible.
  • To be pioneering, innovative, and creative.
  • To create quality products and services.
  • To challenge, proceed and cooperate for the future.

DENSO Spirit

A spirit of foresight, credibility and collaboration

The DENSO Spirit expresses values and beliefs shared by DENSO group associates that have driven us to contribute to the automotive industry and society.


  • Vision
    Anticipate change
  • Creativity
    Create new values
  • Challenge
    Overcome difficulties


  • Quality First
    Ensure the best quality for our customers
  • On-site Verification
    Grasp the facts firmly
  • Kaizen, Continuous Improvement
    Strive to reach higher levels


  • Communication
    Understand one another completely
  • Teamwork
    Do your best as a team
  • Human Development
    Develop yourself and the next generation